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Silk Powder, Fibroin Powder [CAS 9009-99-8]

Silk Powder, Fibroin Powder [CAS 9009-99-8]
Product Detailed

Silk Powder for cosmetic and skin care (Foundation, Lipstick)
Moisture modulating capability
UV absorbing & Anti-bacterial

Silk Powder (Fibroin Powder)

Technical Data Sheet


Common name: Silk powder

INCI name : Silk Powder (CAS NO. 9009-99-8)

It is a kind of powdery high molecular silk protein with average molecular of 300,000D, which has no taste, no odor and is slightly soluble in water, while not in alcoholic aldehyde.


Particle size specifications:


Average particle size

Silk powder 40

40 micron

Silk powder 10

10 micron

Silk powder 5

5 micron

Silk powder 3

3 micron

Nano –Silk powder

350 nm






White or slightly jasmine powder

Total Nitrogen

14.5% min

Weight loss on drying

6.0% max

Residue on ignition

4.0% max

pH value



Uses: Cosmetic and skin care (Foundation, Lipstick)  

1. Because of the hydrophilic gene in the structure of silk, silk protein powder is a fine natural moisture factor. Attaching to the surface of the skin with extremely thin layer of silk powder can control the water absorption or release, according to the changes in skin temperature and humidity. It has great effects in skin care, prevention and treatment for various types dermatosis caused by dry or moist skin.


2. Since the crystalline structure of silk powder can reflect some ultraviolet light and the space caused by its spiral shape can also absorb some UV light, silk powder can be used in sunscreen products.


3. The silk powder possesses a unique ability of absorbing oil; therefore, it is suitable for the cosmetics applied to oily skin.

4. Because of the special structure of decreasing the reflective light, the silk powder can be applied into cosmetics based on mica powder to reflect the real & soft color naturally. Compared with talcum powder or titanium white powder, the silk powder has excellent character of air permeability so that it is suitable for make-ups, such as the facial powder or rouge etc.


Key Properties:

- Moisture modulating capability

- UV absorbing & Anti-bacterial effect

- Highly compatible with skin

- Stabilizes pigments

- Certain function of antianaphylaxis.

- Unique ability of keeping the oil, therefore, it is suitable for the cosmetics applied to the oily skin


Recommend dosage: 0.5% ~ 3%


Packing and storage: 1kg/poly bag;30kg/drum It should be kept in cold, dry & no direct light place


Shelf Life: Two years in unopened container.


Process Flow Chart


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